My wish list FAQ

To create a wishlist, you have to register at as a customer, or register with the data conversant to you!

What is aCustomer wishlist?
ACustomer wishlist allowes you to memorize products for your next shopping.

How can I register an article in the Customer wishlist?
To register an article in the Customer wishlist, , just click the button Wishlist directly at the product you are interested in.

Can I note down products in the wishlist which are not on stock at the moment or are available at a later date?
Yes. You can note down all products of our range of goods in the Customer wishlist

How can I look at my Customer wishlist?
On the right side, directly below your shopping basket, you can see your "Customer wishlist". This box shows you the products registered in the Customer wishlist at the moment. If your Customer wishlist contains less than 5 products, the products are listed there. If it contains more than 5 products, the amount of the registered products in the Customer wishlist is shown!

An indication of your wishlist is possible by clicking "indicate wishlist" everytime. Your wishlist is than shown in the wishlist box on the right margin.

How can I put products from my Customer wishlist into my shopping basket?
To put products out of your Customer wishlist into the shopping basket, please click on into the shopping basket at the product name in the "Customer wishlist" box (if the products of the Customer wishlist are indicated.) or click on into the shopping basket on the Customer wishlist homepage!

How can I delete articles from the Customer wishlist?
To delete articles from the Customer wishlist please click on delete in the "Customer wishlist" box or click delete below the product at the Customer wishlist homepage.

Can I make my wishlist accessible for other people?
Sorry, at the moment your wishlist is visible only if you are logged in with your customer data. Therefore you are the only one who is able to look at the content of your wishlist.