Consumer attention

For CEBANATURAL, the safety and quality of our products are our highest priority. In accordance with the new guidelines announced by the European Commission and by AESAN (Spanish Agency for Food Safety and Nutrition), we are withdrawing those batches of products in which the ingredient with traces of ETO (Ethylene Oxide) has been used.

Since we received the alert about the accidental contamination of said ingredient supplied by one of our suppliers, we have taken proactive measures and we work in full cooperation with the health authorities and we are quickly removing all affected batches from the points of sale.

It is important to underline that the possible health risks occur mainly in cases of direct manipulation of this substance, inhalation in highly concentrated doses or hypothetical continued consumption in large doses. Even so, we insist that, following orders from the health authorities and in accordance with our quality and safety policy, we have proceeded with the withdrawal. In the event that you have a pack of the aforementioned lots, you can contact us and we will manage the collection of the product. Aware of the inconvenience caused, we apologize to our consumers and we are at their disposal for any clarification or additional information.

Product affected:
703 Moringa capsules with Best before date: 10.28.2022
713 Moringa Powder with Best before date: 02.12.2023
1052 Raw ginger powder Bio with Best before date: 09-2022 batch:1649