Sabal + Pumpkin seed + Nettle Capsules

Sabal, pumpkin seeds and nettle, plants traditionally used for the well-being of the bladder and prostate.

  • Saw palmetto fruit, pumpkin seed and nettle root extracts
  • With vitamin C, vitamin B2 and zinc to help protect cells from oxidative stress
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Extracts from Sabal + Pumpkin seeds + Nettle

  • Saw palmetto fruit, pumpkin seed and nettle root extracts
  • With vitamin C, vitamin B2 and zinc to help protect cells from oxidative stress
The active substances of the saw palmetto berries or Sabal have been used as a natural remedy for years to favor the health-promoting effect, especially in the bladder area. Together with pumpkin seeds and nettle root, these three ingredients are especially appreciated by older men.

In addition, the added essential nutrients, such as vitamin C, zinc and vitamin B2, are of great help in protecting cells from oxidative stress, help maintain a normal level of testosterone and ensure the healthy functioning of mucous membranes. All this of enormous benefit for the sexual organs, the bladder and the prostate.

Modo de empleo:
Swallow 1 capsule 3 x daily with plenty of liquid at a mealtime. If there is no improvement in your symptoms, please contact your doctor.

Not suitable for pregnant or lactating women or children under 17 years of age. Do not consume if you are taking Courmarin-type anticoagulant medications and/or in case of sensitivity to any of the ingredients.

Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, healthy diet and do not replace a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Dry extract of nettle root 7-9: 1 (24%), Dry Extract of Pumpkin Seed 10: 1 (24%), Lactose (bulking agent), Gelatine, Sabal Fruit Extract (15%), Corn Starch (bulking agent), Silicon Dioxide (release agent), Maltodextrin (bulking agent), Tapioca Starch; Vitamin C, Zinc Gluconate, Vitamin B2, Magnesium Stearate (release agent).

  per capsule per daily dose
(=3 capsules)
% de VRN* por 100 g
Dry extract of nettle root (7-9: 1) 150 mg 450 mg ** 24 g
Dried extract of pumpkin seeds (10:1) 150 mg 450 mg ** 24 g
Sabal fruit extract 90 mg 270 mg ** 15 g
Vitamin C 26.7 mg 80 mg 100 4.3 g
Zinc 2 mg 6 mg 60 0.3 g
Vitamin B2 0.467 mg 1.4 mg 100 75 mg
*VRN = Nutrient reference value for the daily intake according to VO (UE) No. 1169/2011.
**No reference value has yet been established

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Customer Reviews

Desde que lo empleo se nota mejoría, y eso que lo uso de forma preventiva exclusivamente.

Cumple claramente con las espectativas y alivia sintomas prostata

Gracias a este producto he dejado de levantarme varias veces por la noche

SABAL+Semillas de Calabaza+Ortiga. Hace 2 años aprox., comencé tomándo Sabal y semillas de calabaza. Al volver a pedirlo a Vds., me salió lo anterior ( con Ortiga ). Me vá muy bién y lo recomiendo.

Por ahora, parece que da resultado.

Tomaba de cebanatural el aceite de semillas de calabaza más Sabal para la prostata y últimamente me han mandado este que me imagino me irá tan bien como el anterior

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