My wischlist help

My Favorite Items allows you to order faster and more efficiently.

  • Select the items that may interest you in your next purchase.
  • Place an order quickly, with one click put the items in your shopping cart.
  • Send your list of favorite items to a friend.
  • Ask a friend to send you their list of favorite items to put together an order and save on shipping costs.

To access your list of MY FAVORITE ITEMS you have to be registered:

  • If you already have an account, register here,
  • If you don't have an account yet, you can create it here and create your favorite article list.
    You also get other advantages from registered customers.
favorite articles
What is the list of My favorite articles?
A list of favorite items gives you the ability to add products that interest you and more easily remember them in future purchases.

How to add an item to the favorites list?
To add an item, click the Add to my favorites button on the selected product.

Can I add products that are not in stock?
Yes, you can add all the products to your favorites list!

How can I see my favorite products?
Once registered click on My Favorite Articles at the top of the page. Once registered with your email and password, the list is also available in the right column from where you can easily add items to your shopping cart.

How to add an item of my favorites to my shopping cart?
Just click on the icon next to the product in My Favorite Items.
The product remains on the list for future purchases.

How to delete an article from the list of My favorite articles?
To delete a product from My Favorite Articles click the icon.

Can I send the list of My favorite articles to a friend of mine?
Yes, you just have to click Send bookmarks to a friend to send it via email. Thus, your friend can see the items selected by you.