The Cebapoints campaign is a promotion by which allows for points obtained at website to be redeemed for future purchases on the same website

All registered customers can participate in the Cebapoints program.

How to obtain Cebapoints?
Cebapoints can be obtained by purchasing at Registered customers obtain 1 Cebapoint for every € 10 worth of product purchase. The obtained Cebapoints are stated at the end of the purchase process and the actual balance is available in the personal account of each registered client.
In case of cancellation or return of goods, the obtained Cebapoints for this purchase are adjusted accordingly. See my Cebapoints balance

How to redeem Cebapoints?
Once registered you can access your client account and from there you can access your Cebapoints balance in: Account >> My Cebapoints.
You can apply all or part of your balance to your shopping cart. The applied amount of Cebapoints will reduce the value of your current shopping cart.

If a registered client does not realize a purchase in a period of 24 months, all Cebapoints will expire. reserves the right to modify this campaign at any time without the participant can claim any refund or damages.

Watch step by step how to redeem your Cebapoints in this video (1min 3seg, sin sonido)


Apart from Cebapoints we offer discount vouchers if your order amount is above the mentiond treshold. These vouchers can be redeemed at later purchases.
  • Purchase of 250€ - 400€ Voucher of 10€
  • Purchase of 400€ - 600€ Voucher of 20€
  • Purchase of a 600€ - 800€ Voucher of 30€
  • Purchase of a 800€ - 1.000€ Voucher of 40€
  • Purchase above 1.000€ Voucher of 40€
*Vouchers are valid for 2 years