Weigth control Plan A

Combination of three products designed to help in your goal of weight loss.

  • With fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements
  • 1 x Reducta-Plus 600 g flavor to choose
  • 1 x Reducta tea
  • 1 x apple fiber
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Art.Nr. Plan-A
Availible in 2-4 days
1 Pack
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3 essential products to accompany your diet

  • With fiber, proteins, vitamins, minerals and essential trace elements
  • 1 x Reducta-Plus 600 g flavor to choose
  • 1 x Reducta tea
  • 1 x apple fiber
With this plan you can substitute one, two or all meals with Reducta Plus, satisfying the appetite. Apple fiber tablets can be taken to help increase fiber intake and promote intestinal function. And to help facilitate line care, Reducta Infusion.

Reducta Plus Reducta - Control your weight intelligently
The development of our REDUCTA series to control weight is the result of extensive research. The goal: Help reduce fat deposits and consequently body weight in a healthy and lasting way. With Reducta-Plus you can determine the speed at which you want to lose weight. For an intensive weight loss and weight control diet, replace all meals with Reducta-Plus for about a week. Do you want to lose weight slowly or do you want to maintain your current weight? - Replace one or two meals a day with Reducta-Plus.

Reducta Infusion Reducta herbal tea
A mixture of herbs with good flavor to facilitate the care of the line. It favors digestion and helps reduce body fat naturally. Ideal to combine with a diet of weight control as a drink during the day, also as a cold tea. With mat leaves, cocoa peel, blackberry leaves, lemon grass, lemon balm leaves, hibiscus flower and licorice root.

Fibras de manzana Apple fiber helps intestinal activity and nourishes the flora.
Currently many people take little fiber in their usual diet. In many occasions this is cause of digestive problems. With a combination of soluble and insoluble fibers, which activate intestinal function, apple fiber pills are ideal to supplement a weight control diet.

How to prepare Reducta-plus Shake: Mix the powder of this product with the milk and stir or shake on a shaker. The recommended amounts of powder and milk indicated on the package must be respected.

Recommended dosage Apple fibre: Take daily 3-6 Apple-fibre Chewable Tablets. With the consumption of apple fibre, oat fibre and cellulose extra liquid is required. Therefore, drink half a liter more per day.

Reducta tea Preparation: Use 1-2 heaped teaspoons per cup of boiling water. Steep for 5-10 minutes, strain and serve. Drink several cups a day, hot or cold.

Reducta-plus shake: Click on each product according to the flavor you want to consult:

Apple fibre: Apple fibre 56%, sweetener sorbitol, oat fibre 7%, microcrystalline cellulose 2%, flavoring, acidulant citric acid, sweetener steviol glycoside.

Reducta tea: Roastet mate leaves, lemon grass, blackberry leaves, hibiscus flowers, lemon balm leaves, licorice root, cocoa peel.

This is a bundle offer and contains the following products
Qty Nr Description Price  
  1 x #Reducta Reducta Plus - Weight loss diet 15,85€
  1 x 463 Bio-Apple Fibre Chewing 55 Tablets 7,60€
  1 x 459 Reducta Herbal Tea 500 gr 13,75€
Total value   37,20€

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Customer Reviews

Lo compré sin mirar los componentes y tiene lactosa, una pena, no lo puedo tomar, deberían tenernos para intolerantes a la lactosa.

Las infusiones son buenísimas,el batido de capuchino tiene muy buen sabor,delicioso.las tabletas de fibra,buen sabor pero al ser masticables cuesta un poquito tragarlas pero se soluciona con un vaso de agua

Muy buen producto , con un sabor increíble

muy buen producto, pero no lo tomo mucho

excelentes productos los recomiendo

Si me ha funcionado para desvincularme, el batido no es muy agradable de sabor

Esta muy bueno. Ayuda a perder peso. No tengo apetito

Me ha gustado bastante este Plan, las pastillas de avena son como galletitas, y la infusión tiene un tamaño grande, el batido está bastante bueno, sin embargo, considero que tiene bastante azúcar en la formulación.

Buen pack para la pérdida de peso.

Excelente sobretodo para los que picamos entre horas. No me a convencido mucho el batido pero ya me heacostumbrado

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