Japanese Mint Oil 30 ml

Essential Mint Oil - Japanese mint oil has many applications that we can benefit from.

  • Indicated for muscle aches
  • Relax and tone
  • 100% Japanese peppermint essential oil
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30 ml
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Japanese Medicinal Plant Oil

  • Indicated for muscle aches
  • Relax and tone
  • 100% Japanese peppermint essential oil
Japanese mint essential oil has properties that we can benefit from differently.
  • Muscle aches: cramps, tension, muscle fatigue. Massage the affected area with a few drops of Japanese mint.
  • Respiratory: Colds, upper respiratory tract. Inhalation application.
  • Relax and tone: Rub a few drops on the temples, forehead, neck, cervical or tension area and massage lightly.
Thanks to its high concentration of active ingredients, only a few drops of Japanese mint oil are sufficient to achieve the expected effects.

Contains: 100% essential mint oil Note: This product that causes photosensitivity. Do not apply if you want to sunbathe or expose yourself to tanning booths.


  • For intake: Take 1-3 times a day 2 drops dissolved in warm water or a little sugar.
  • For inhalation: Add 3-4 drops in bowl or bowl of hot water.
  • For external use: Rub the affected area with a few drops of oil.
It can also be added as an additive in the bathtub or sauna, or in case of insect bites.

100 % essential mint oil (Oleum Menthae arv.vap.pip. Japonicae)
The active ingredient is: 1 ml of essential oil contains: 1 ml mint oil.

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