Cinc tablets for horses

Feed supplement for horses, favors the immune system, support the regeneration of the hooves and the skin.

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Zinc for the defenses, hooves and skin of horses

Zinc is one of the essential oligo-elements, that is to say that the organism of the horse must obtain with the feeding.

Zinc has innumerable functions in the horse's organism. Zinc is part of hundreds of enzymatic processes that can function optimally only with an adequate supply of zinc. In the same way zinc supports the immune system and the defenses, so the horse can remain healthy and productive.

Zinc also influences skin metabolism, healing of wounds and regeneration of skin, hair and hooves.

Supplementation with zinc favors horses:

  • Skin metabolism and wound healing
  • healthy skin and strong hooves
  • Immune system and maintain strong defenses

The zinc pastures for horses are easy to dosage and supply.

Recommended dosage:
Large horses (body weight 600 kg): 15 tablets / day (equalling 675 mg zinc)
Small horses and ponies: 10 tablets / day (equalling 450 mg zinc)

Administer over a period of 8 weeks. Due to the high level of zinc the recommended daily dosage must not be exceeded.

Carrots, beetrots, zinc such as zinc amino acid-chelate, hydrate (3b606), microcrystalline cellulose.


Crude protein 12,5%
Crude fat 1,0%
Crude ash 13,3%
Crude fibre 24,2%
Sodium 0,28%
Methionine 0,09%

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