A-Z 50+ Capsules

With 24 vitamins and minerals, specially formulated for people over 50 years old.

  • Contains 13 vitamins
  • Contains 11 minerals
  • Covers vitamin and mineral requirements for adults
  • Only 1 capsule a day
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Multivitamin, special for adults over 50

  • Contains 13 vitamins
  • Contains 11 minerals
  • Covers vitamin and mineral requirements for adults
  • Only 1 capsule a day
A-Z 50+ Capsules is a complex of 24 vitamins, minerals and trace elements for the adequate supply of nutrients for people over 50 years old.

Multi Vitaminas y minerales para gente mayor With age the body needs fewer calories, and a lower intake of food also means reducing the amount of vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are supplied to the body. Although the need for these nutrients in principle is not reduced. Even for some of them it is recommended to increase their consumption.

A-Z 50+ Capsules contain all the vitamins, minerals and trace elements that are included in our A-Z Capsules but adapted to this stage of life. With more vitamin C, folic acid, vitamin B6, vitamin B12 and chromium to fit the needs of those over 50.

With just 1 capsule per day you can supplement your diet to improve the supply of these nutrients.

A-Z 50+ Capsules were developed taking into account the special needs. This guarantees that togeteher with a age apropiate and balanced diet all your vitamin and mineral needs are covered.

Suggested use:
Take 1 capsule daily. The capsule should be swallowed whole with sufficient liquid.

Nutritional supplements should not be used as a substitute for a varied, healthy diet and do not replace a healthy lifestyle. Keep out of reach of small children. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

Calcium, magnesium, vitamin C, gelatin, potassium chloride, nicotinamide, vitamin-E-acetate, maltodextrin, ferrous sulfate, separating agent magnesium stearate, vitamin-A-acetate, calcium D-pantothenate, zinc oxide, vitamin-B6-hydrochloride, vitamin-B1-mononitrate, Vitamin B2, copper, chromium chloride, folic acid, biotin, potassium iodide, sodium, ammonium, vitamin K1, vitamin D3, vitamin B12.

  per capsule NRV* per 100 g
Vitamin A 800 μg 100 82 mg
Vitamin B1 2.1 mg 191 214 mg
Vitamin B2 2.4 mg 171 244 mg
Vitamin B6 3 mg 214 306 mg
Vitamin B12 3 μg 120 306 µg
Vitamin C 120 mg 150 12 g
Vitamin D3 5 µg 100 509 µg
Vitamin E 12 mg 100 1 g
Vitamin K1 30 µg 40 3 mg
Folic acid 300 μg 150 31 mg
Vitamin B5 6 mg 100 611 mg
Vitamin B3 18 mg 113 2 g
Biotin 150 μg 300 15 mg
Magnesium 75 mg 20 8 g
Iron 3.5 mg 25 357 mg
Potassium 40 mg 2** 4 g
Iodine 100 μg 67 10 mg
Chloride 36.3 mg 5** 4 g
Copper 1 mg 100 102 mg
Chromium 60 μg 150 6 mg
Molybdenum 25 µg 50 3 mg
Selenium 25 µg 45 3 mg
Zinc 5 mg 50 509 mg
Calcium 162 mg 20 17 g
*NRV = Nutrient reference value for the daily intake according to VO (EU) No. 1169/2011
**To cover the daily requirement, an additional intake is recommended.

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Customer Reviews

Como mayor que soy me parece muy interesante un aporte extra de vitaminas para seguir manteniéndome en forma y si con una cápsula al día lo consigo qué más se puede pedir.

Un complejo vitamínico magnífico.

Seguiremos tomando. Buena valoración

Muy bien,desde que las tomo me encuentro con mas energia

Creo que funcionan. Mas energía. He de tomarlo más tiempo.

Muy buen producto, para toda la familia.

Producto de gran calidad. Muy buenos resultados.

Buenisimo para mi edad.Me siento mejor.

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