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Stevia is a 100% natural sweetener and ideal substitute for sugar. Stevia does not have any calories.

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Stevia Tabs

What makes stevia so popular?
  • Stevia and its extract rebaudioside A are not chemical but purely natural products!
  • Stevia is up to 300 times as sweet as sugar!
  • Stevia has no effect on blood sugar levels and is therefore suitable for diabetics!
  • Stevia is virutally calorie-free!
  • Stevia is a non-addictive sweetener and does not promote tooth decay, making it ideal for children!
We are pleased to introduce to you our Stevia Powdered Sweetener in its purest form in the very best quality, with a rebaudioside A content of at least 97%:

Stevia dulcificante en polvo Stevia (Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni) also called sweet leaf or honey leaf, originates from Paraguay. Its amazing sweetness incredible sweetening power which exceeds that of ordinary sugar several times. The steviol glycosides found in the leaves of the stevia plant are responsible for the sweet taste. Due to the content of at least 97% rebaudioside A, the steviol glycoside with the purest, sweetest flavor, Stevia Sweetener can be dosed very sparingly. Stevia is very resistant to high temperatures, with a neutral flavor and ideal to sweeten both cold and hot drinks.

Sodium bicarbonate, sweetener steviol glycosides (97% Rebaudioside-A), l-leucine, cellulose.

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Customer Reviews

Gran poder endulzante y sustituto del azúcar blanco refinado de toda la vida

Me gusta mucho porque es mucho mas pura la stevia que otras.

no me gusta el sabor que tiene, prefiero el edulcorante de siempre aunque este sea mejor para la salud

le da al café un sabor muy extraño a regaliz. No me gusta.

no discuto que sea más beneficioso que el edulcorante, pero le da al café un sabor muy extraño a regaliz. No me gusta

Me parece fantistico,una forma sana de tomar azúcar.

No me gusta su sabor, amarga un poco y es un gusto al que no estoy acostumbrada.

Bajo en calorias, y el sabor no es muy diferente

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