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Anti-Polen Set with Nard Oil

Anti-Polen Set with Nard Oil
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Pollen allergy is the overreaction of the immune system caused by a high pollen concentration in the atmosphere. Typically this occurs during the summer months when the pollen concentration in the air is high.

Nard oil capsules Nard oil has proven to be especially suitable for boosting the immune system in cases of weakness of the defense mechanisms such as in case of over reaction due to high pollen concentrations.

Sea Water Nasal Spray Sea salt solution natural isotonic cleaning and humidification of the membranes constipated if pituitary, or to clean the dust or pollen.

Nose balm against pollen Catch pollen trapped in the ointment before entering the nose, reducing inhalation and discomfort.
Applied several times a day. Clean nose between applications, preferably with Sea Water Nasal Spray.

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