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Sesame oil

Sesame oil
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sesamoSesame oil is extracted from the seeds of the sesame plant (Sesamum indicum L.) by mechanical pressing. The plant grows to nee meter high, has been cultivated for millennia in India and China, and today in many countries, including Sudan and Venezuela, terraced. The seed capsules ripen over the entire year, that's why the harvest is mostly manual work. Sesame oil has a high content of unsaturated fatty acids.

For body care, Sesame Oil is especially suitable for dry, stressed, scaly skin and even with cellulite it feels pleasant and cares intensely.

Sesame oil is also highly prized in the kitchen. This fine oil with a mild nutty flavour is used for example in salads as well as in the Asian and Oriental cuisine.
Kitchen: Suitable for use in cold cooking.
Body oil: Especially for dry skin, flaky skin and even cellulite.
100% Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil.
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