Set Caida de cabello

Set Caida de cabello
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A very effective way to fight against hair loss is to act both from inside and outside. The nutrients of the gold millet capsules optimize the supply of essential substances for the hair root cells and the application of the tonic and the caffeine shampoo favor the prolongation of the growth phase of the hair. The three products together form an ideal combination for visible and naturally healthier hair.

Tonic with liquid caffeine - hair tonic is a very effective mixture of caffeine, biotin, linoleic acid, tocopherol acetate (vitamin E) and D-panthenol (provitamin B5). Encapsulated in the liposome transporter system, the highly effective active complex is transported into the hair shaft and hair follicles, where it can display its full spectrum of activity.

Shampoo with caffeine for stronger hair in case of fine hair. Prolongs the growth phase in case of hair loss existing or in the state of initiation. A complex with zinc and D-Panthenol that supports hair growth and promotes elasticity and thickness.

Hair capsules with millet gold , contain everything structurally damaged hair needs. It contains millet of gold, vitamin C, vitamins of the group B and zinc that will help to increase the natural growth of the hair.

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