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PH-Test Paper 99 strips

PH-Test Paper 99 strips
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Owing to our oftentimes unbalanced alimentation many people are over-acidified, without knowing it.
Therefore regularly check fast and easy your acid value (pH-value) in the urine with our pH-test strips.
Only for human urine pH

  • Collect new urine from the middle of the urine flow in a clean and dry container.
  • Take a test strip off the pad holding the white, non-impregnated side and do not touch the coloured test area.
  • Dip the test strips briefly (approx. 1 second) into the urine sample so that the coloured test area is wet. Shake off any excess fluid.
  • Then compare the colour of the moist test area with the colour scale on the inside of the pad within 1 minute (this is best done in daylight after 5-10 seconds) and read the pH value under the colour tone that comes closest to the test area colour. Intermediate values can be estimated. A reading after more than 2 minutes does not provide the right results.

Irrespective of the test results, you may not make any important medical decisions without prior consultation with your doctor. The pH value of the urine depends on the food, the consumption of medicines and the time of day. It is recommended to measure the pH on an empty stomach.
Store in a dry and dark place between 5ºC and 30ºC. Do not eat. Each strip can be used only once. Keep out of the reach of children.

99 test strips made of cotton paper with impregnated test area.
The content of reactive ingredients (nitrazine yellow) per test strips is 7.5 pg.

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