Book - Natural Remedies

Book - Natural Remedies
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Everywhere in nature we encounter an equilibrium state of perfection. In nature, we also find a vast amount of substances, that can contribute to maintain our own health and well being.

The resurgence of interest in remedies form nature is understandable in a time of a growing revival of traditional remedies. This revival leads in many to a new paradigm of health awareness and health maintenance. With increasing frequency, scientists search for and discover traditionally used recipes for health and well being. In recent times many of these traditional often century old remedies have been collected, newly evaluated and scientifically confirmed. This new awareness and insight has been especially important for its applications against aging related disorders and malfunctions.

Health is a biological orderly process concerning the organism as a whole. Health preservation requires the protection and maintenance of all vital functions of the organism. The aim of active health preservation is therefore to support the human organism in its natural functioning and to prevent it from premature aging, deficiencies, chronic diseases and degeneration in order to guarantee vitality and well being till very old age.

Orginal title: Naturheilmittel, die natürliche Alternative
Author: K.F.Baumgartner (Natural practitioner)

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