Nose Cream against Pollen 10 ml

Nose Cream against Pollen   10 ml
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For the reduction of allergic reactions in the nasal area caused by pollen, mites, dust and animal hair. Dust and pollen get trapped in the ointment before entering the nose, thus reducing its inhalation and the discomfort caused by swelling, itching, sneezing, sensitivity to light and fatigue. It is an effective method of trapping pollen, dust or other allergic agents before it can cause irritations and allergies.

This ointment is also highly recommended for people with a very dry nasal mucous membrane, particularly at night.

It has a good tolerance and its ingredients do not cause drowsiness.

Paraffin free ointment.

Ideal to combine with Spray with sea salt solution .
The nose should be cleared before using the nasal balm. Then apply a balm pea size amount to the inside of the nose using a cotton swab or a finger. Past approx. 1 hour, re-sound to remove any particle collected. Then reapply the nasal balm to the nasal mucous membrane.
Medium-chain triglycerides, Stearalkonium hectorite, propylene carbonate.
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