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Amino-Acids Complex 200 Capsules

Amino-Acids Complex   200 Capsules
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200 Cápsulas
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With almost all biological processes proteins, whose elementary components demonstrate the amino acids, take a key role. Also muscles, skin, hair and nails consist mainly out of proteins, which are always used and therefore they need to be supplied. The more varied and the more balanced the number of essential amino acids in a protein preparation are, the higher is the biological valency for the human body.

Amino-complex-capsules contain an optimal mixture of potatoes and egg-proteins, which reaches a biological valency of 137. (In comparison with it the whey protein has a biological valency of only 105).

Amino-complex-capsules demonstrate a high-quality, cholesterol free food supplement for every age group. Also who eats less or no meat should keep an eye on a balanced protein supply.
Suggested use:
Take 2 capsules 3 times daily with sufficient liquid.
Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep out of the reach of little kids. Store in a cool place as established in the labeling.
Hidrolizado de proteína de huevo y patata, gelatina, antiaglomerante (estearato de magnesio).

Aminoácidos Contenido por cápsula Por dosis diaria (6 cápsulas) por 100 g
Ácido aspártico 36 mg 216 mg 6 g
Ácido glutámico (glutamina) 37 mg 222 mg 6 g
Alanina 16 mg 96 mg 3 g
Arginina 18 mg 108 mg 3 g
Cisteína 5 mg 30 mg 1 g
Fenilalanina 18 mg 108 mg 3 g
Glicina 20 mg 120 mg 3 g
Histidina 7 mg 42 mg 1 g
Isoleucina 19 mg 114 mg 3 g
Leucina 31 mg 186 mg 5 g
Lisina 23 mg 138 mg 4 g
Metionina 8 mg 48 mg 1 g
Prolina 15 mg 90 mg 3 g
Serina 19 mg 114 mg 3 g
Tirosina 17 mg 102 mg 3 g
Treonina 18 mg 108 mg 3 g
Triptófano 4 mg 24 mg 1 g
Valina 22 mg 132 mg 4 g
No existe recomendación de Valor de referencia de nutrientes según Reglamento (UE) 1169/2011
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