Nard Oil Capsules 180 Capsules

Nard Oil Capsules   180 Capsules
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180 Cápsulas
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Black cumin oil (nigella sativa) is obtained from the seed of this plant from Egypt.

Its cold pressure and subsequent filtration produce a brown-green aromatic oil with a spicy flavor. Black cumin oil is rich in polyunsaturated and biologically active fatty acids in addition to the interesting essential oil Nigelon Semohiprepinon.

Oil of Neguilla Black cumin oil has some very versatile applications and it is common to find it in the kits of the houses of the Arab world.
To improve their properties, the capsules of black cumin oil have been added vitamin E, which helps protect the body's cells from oxidative stress. It also contains folic acid and pantothenic acid that play an important role in different areas of metabolism. The combination is completed with biotin, which is beneficial for the skin and mucous membranes, and vitamin D, for an active and healthy immune system.

Each capsule contains:
500 mg Egyptian black cumin oil, 10 UI vitamin E, 6 mg vitamin B5, 100 µg folic acid, 100 µg biotin and 2 µg vitamin D3.

In case of allergies against pollen, the Pollen ointment is also recommended.
Recommended dosage:
Take 2 capsules three times daily with sufficient liquid.
Food supplements should not be used as substitutes for a balanced diet. Do not exceed the recommended dose. Keep out of the reach of little kids. Store in a cool place as established in the labeling.
Pure Egyptian black cumin oil (cold pressed) (68%), gelatin, glycerin humectant, thickening agent silicon dioxide, vitamin E, filler sunflower oil, calcium D-pantothenate, colorant ferric oxide, emulsifier soy lecithin, vitamin D3, folic acid, biotin.

  per capsule per daily dose
(6 capsules)
VRN* per 100 g
black cumin oil 500 mg 3000 mg ** 68 g
Fat 499 mg 2994 mg - 68 g
of which are saturated fatty acids 80 mg 480 mg - 11 g
unsaturated fatty acids 420 mg 2520 mg - 57 g
of which are monounsaturated fatty acids 125 mg 750 mg - 17 g
of which are polyunsaturated fatty acids 295 mg 1770 mg - 40 g
Vitamin E (alpha-TE) natural 6.7 mg (10 I.E.) 40.2 mg (60 I.E.) 335 907 mg
Pantotenic acid 6 mg 36 mg 600 812 mg
Biotin 100 µg 600 µg 1200 13.5 mg
Folic acid 100 µg 600 µg 300 13.5 mg
Vitamin D3 2 µg 12 µg 240 271 µg
*NRV = Nutrient reference value for the daily intake according to VO (EU) No. 1169/2011
**No reference value has yet been established.
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