AA30 Anti-Aging cream Prof.Mang 100 ml

AA30 Anti-Aging cream Prof.Mang   100 ml
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100 ml
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For perfect beauty care, our skin needs a cream that provides protection against damaging influences, supports its natural potential for regeneration and keeps it healthy and supple. In this respect, Q10-aa30 intensive cosmetics meets the highest expectations. Because of its unique composition, it is a perfect complement to Vital-aa30 capsules. It supplies the skin directly with the same vital anti-ageing substances that are contained in the capsules. The innovative complex of active substances makes the skin elastic, smooth and supple, stabilises the connecting tissue and cell membranes and supplies them with natural moisture. It improves the skin structure, reduces wrinkles and prevents premature ageing of the skin. The plastic surgeon Prof. Dr. Mang of the Bodensee Clinic in Lindau has this advice: “In the battle against fat and wrinkles, it’s not the scalpel that should come in the first place but a biological anti-ageing system.” The best prophylactic against illnesses and premature ageing is exercise, positive thinking and the right food, together with a good balance of food supplements. That’s why professor Mang has worked closely with dieticians to develop the Vital-aa30 capsule. The capsule is composed of vegetable substances and delivers the optimum daily vitamin requirement. On the road to success, thousands of patients, some of them very prominent people, have helped him to reach his goal, not in the least because he has always given honest and useful advise in the matter. He has put all his experience and knowledge into formulating the combination of active substances in the Vital-aa30 capsules so as to cover daily vitamin and vital substance requirements and combat free radicals. To supply the body with all the essential vital substances it needs for the maintenance of the mechanisms that regulate its health and beauty, we created an extraordinary care programme. Its goal is to supply the smallest building stones of our body - our cells - with all the different vital substances they need for the maintenance of the mechanisms that regulate its health and beauty. The anti-ageing concept is as much based on the internal as the external application, in that the Vital-aa30 capsules are optimally comple-mented by the use of Q10 intensive cosmetics.

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