Marshmallow Drops 90 Tablets

Marshmallow Drops   90 Tablets
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Since the ancient time Marshmallow (althaea officinalis) has been known as an effective medicinal plant against cough.

The marshmallow root contains mucilages that form a protective film on irritated throat and mucous membranes and help soothe and alleviate cough symptoms. Eucalyptus, anise and fennel oil support the soothing effect and mitigate the discomfort caused by irritation.

Each lozenge contains:
170 mg marshmallow extract.
Take a lozenge as needed and let it undo in the mouth.
Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects.
Filler Maltose, thickener Gum arabicum, Marshmallow Root Extract (12%), filler Glucose Syrup, Menthol, release agent vegetable oil, Beeswax, Anise Oil, Eucalyptus Oil, Fennel Oil, sweetener Steviol Glycosides.

Average nutritional values (100 g):
Calorific value: 277 Kcal / 1242 kJ
Fat: 0 g
Carbohydrates: 90.7 g
-of which from sugar: 43.5 g
Protein: 0 g
Salt: 0 g
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