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Green Tea Gunpowder

Green Tea Gunpowder
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The name "Gunpowder" comes from the way of processing the tea leaves. Each tea leave is rolled into small ball, reminiscent of old powderballs.

Green tea, the slightly different delight, which personifies secret and fascination of the eastern culture and lifestyle. Also for the western world it is the original form of tea, for it was green tea from China, which reached Europe in the beginning of the 17th century and which was enjoyed here until the 19th century. Later, the strong, fermented black teas out of the young tea plantations of the English colonies set new standards in terms of taste and made the unfermented green tea more and more popular.

Today, the unfermented green tea experiences a revival and finds again the interest which the green tea and its long tradition deserves. You discover and appreciate the variety of its subtle aromas, its fine freshness and the soft colour palette of its cup, which changes from jade-green, greenish-orange, honey-yellow to a light pink.

New scientific findings confirm its healthy effect and its considerable vitamin (A, B, C) and mineral nutrients (calcium, fluoride) content, which makes it very popular especially with health councious consumers.
Put a teaspoon into a cup with very hot but not boiling water. About 70-80°C. After a few minutes, strain and is ready to take.
Steeping time:
For stimulating effects: 3 - 4 minutes.
For relaxing effects: 5 - 7 minutes.
100% Green Tea Gunpowder
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