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Tea No. 1 - Diureta

Tea No. 1 - Diureta
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Herbal mixture to increase urinary activity.
  • Mate leaves: stimulating for our body.
  • Nettle leaves: being rich in potassium, helps to increase urination.
  • Dandelion leaves: has depurative action.
  • Elderflowers: rich in potassium salts, facilitates urination and elimination of sodium and chloride.
  • Hibiscus flower: anti-inflammatory and softener.
  • Fennel: helps remove excess water retained.
  • Goldenrod: used primarily and traditionally as a diuretic and as a treatment for urinary tract infections.
  • Horsetail: has the property of being diuretic and at the same time remineralizing.
  • Corn silk: one of the strongest natural diuretics we can find. It stimulates the production of urine, helps to clean the urinary tract, protects the kidneys and bladder and is anti-inflammatory.
In the morning and in the afternoon, pour a tablespoon in half a liter of boiling water, let stand 10 minutes and strain before drinking.
Mate leaves, nettle leaves, dandelion root, elder flowers, marsmallow flowers, fennel, goldenrod, horsetail and corn silk.
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