Tea No. 2 - Estreñeta 200 gr

Tea No. 2 - Estreñeta   200 gr
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Digestion and Constipation. Mixture of medicinal herbs for the stimulation of the digestive system and in case of irregular bowel movements.

Special combination of herbs with natural laxative effect that help the correct intestinal evacuation.

With mate, hibiscus flower, dandelion root and herbs, parsley seeds, wild rose berry, mint leaves, fennel, horsetail herb, corn silk and cassia.
Pour a tablespoon of herbs in half a liter of boiling water, let stand for 10 minutes. Strain and drink afterwards.
Equisetum arvense, Stig. Maidis, Rad. Taraxaci c. Hb., Fruct. Foeniculi, Fruct. Petroselini, Hibiscus, Fol. Menthae pip., Fructus Cynosbati s.sem. aa, Fol. Mate, Fol. Sennae.
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