Sabal & Pumpkin Oil capsules 300 Capsules

Sabal & Pumpkin Oil capsules   300 Capsules
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300 Cápsulas
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Capsules of sabal and pumpkin seed oil support healthy bladder and prostate gland.

For many years the active substances of the berries of Sabal are used as natural remedy to promote the health promoting effect in the bladder area and also facilitate urination.

Pumpkin Oil (Cucurbita pepo) has a remarkable content of valuable phytosterols, such as sitosterol, as well as a high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids. The whole complex of active ingredients that strengthens and normalizes the muscles of the bladder and stimulates its function. Discomfort, such as burning and pain when urinating, urinary frequency during the day and night is relieved, the susceptibility to infection is reduced.

Both, sabal and pumpkin seed oil, are a good combination for our well-being.
Recommended daily dosage:
Unless otherwise prescribed, take 2 capsules with liquid each morning and evening after dinner.
Ingredients per capsule:
50,0 mg pumpkin seed powder, 60,0 mg pumpkin seed oil, 7,2 mg dried extract of saw palmetto (8,5-10,5 : 1), (Ph.Eur) soybean oil, yellow wax, coconut oil, soybean phospholipid, butter fat, lactose monohydrate, Precipitated silica, gelatin, glycerol, sorbitol solution 70 %, non-crystallizing, calculated as dry substance, iron oxide (E172), iron (III) oxide (E172), iron (II / III) oxide (E172), purified water.
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