Swedish Herbs 2x80 gr

Swedish Herbs   2x80 gr
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Proven herbal mixture for preparing a tasty digestive bitters.

The Swedish herbs do not got their name from herbs from Sweden, but their invention is attributed to two Swedish physicians of the 16th century, who both were followers of Paracelsus, probably the most important figure of the medieval medical science. Both physicians are said to have got very old with good health. If this was attributed to the Swedish herbs may be an open question, anyway, the composition was kept secret until this century. Today many satisfied customers hold our Swedish Bitters Herbs mixture in high esteem as a diverse household remedy.
Simply mix the herbs with corn schnaps or gin and let stand. Set aside for a week and shake daily. Herbal mixture settles on the bottom oft he bottle. It can be strained or just be left in.

Also suitable for external use.
Angelica root, calamus root, manna, zedoary root, wormwood, fennel, dandelion root with leaves, myrrh, gentian root, valerian root, anise, orange peel, cinnamon, cardamom, saffron.
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