Nose-Spray with seawater solution Sensitive

Nose-Spray with seawater solution Sensitive
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Spray nasal Isotonic solution with marine salt, panthenol and hyaluronic acid for cleaning and humidifying the nasal cavities, especially indicated for sensitive mucous membranes.

It facilitates the drainage and reduces the allergic reaction due to the desensitization of the mucous membranes

Using the Nasal Spray with Sea Water helps:
  • Eliminate possible allergens in the nose
  • Cleansing and moisturizing the mucous membranes of the nose
  • Avoid nasal congestion
  • Facilitate drainage
  • Reduces dry nose, particularly low humidity in air-conditioned or heated rooms
The sea salt spray cleans the mucous membranes of dirt, dust, pollen, and so on and so makes a substantial contribution to improving well-being.

Ideal to combine with Pollen ointment .
How to use Sea Salt Nasal Spray:
Depending on requirements, 1 - 2 spray bursts several times per day (0.14 ml per spray burst) into each nose cavity, inhaling slightly as you do so.
Children from 2 years of age and adults: Should you be simultaneously using a different spray for colds, you should administer the Sea Salt Nasal Spray sensitive first.
1 ml solution contains: 1 ml isotonic solution equivalent to a 0.9% sodium chloride solution, consisting of sea salt solution, dexpanthenol and sodium hyaluronate (sodium salt from hyaluronic acid).
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