Biotine tablets for horses

Biotine tablets for horses
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Biotin, also called vitamin H, is known for its positive effect on the structure of hooves, skin and fur. It promotes cell growth and maturation of keratin cells, thus preventing them from becoming too soft or too fragile and prevents brittle and broken hooves.

A lack of biotin can also show flaky, dull hair and in some cases hair loss. Biotin pills for horses can counteract these dietary deficiencies.

Biotin as a supplement for horses can:
  • improve growth and firmness of hooves
  • promote the elasticity of the hoof
  • increase skin resistance
  • support skin metabolism
Easy to apply and dosage. Sufficient for 50 days for a horse with a body weight of 600 kg.
Recommended dosage:
Large horses (body weight 600 kg): 10 tablets / day
Small horses and ponies: 5 tablets / day

5 tablets corresponds to 10 mg biotine.
Carrots, spirulina algae, biotin (2667 mg per kg), microcrystalline cellulose.

Crude protein 8,1%
Crude fat 1,3%
Crude ash 3,5%
Crude fibre 31,9%
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