Cocoa powder BIO

Cocoa powder BIO
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Cocoa powder 100% organic controlled. Ideal to prepare a hot chocolate, in the elaboration of desserts or other recipes with cacao. Low fat (10-12%).

Cocoa has about 300 compounds among essential nutrients, non-essential and phytochemicals that offer great advantages over our health. An invaluable source of properties that make cocoa powder a complement to include in our usual diet. It emphasizes its great mineral wealth, where we can find a great amount of magnesium, involved in the neuromuscular metabolism; Copper, to treat anemia and skin care; And manganese, very important to activate body enzymes, in bone formation and promote the proper functioning of the thyroid gland. It is a very good source of fiber, ideal for bowel function. In addition, their contribution in vitamins of group B help to the nervous balance.

Pure cocoa has properties that help to improve wellbeing.

Occasionally take a little cocoa, whether in powder or chocolate, is a real pleasure.
100% Organic cocoa powder.

Low in calories (10-12% fat).
May contain traces of soy, milk and vanilla.
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