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Matcha tea organic

Matcha tea organic
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Matcha tea is a finely ground green, steamed tea. it has been prepared for centuries in the japanese tea ceremony "Chanoyu". Matcha tea is highly appreciate it for its full-bodied, multifaceted, pleasant sweet taste. The authentic Matcha Tea is grown acording to traditional methods. After being recolected, its leaves are steamed, dried and finally stone grounded to its fine and characteristic powder.
Our Matcha tea is cultivation according to certified organic guidelines. The complex and labour intensive harvesting and processin of PREMIUM Matcha tea make our Organic Matcha Tea a very valuable and highly apreciated product for speciall ocations as well as for every day consumation.
Put 1 tea spoon (= 2 g) Matcha tea powder into the matcha bowl, Add aproximatelly 70 ml of 70°-80°C of hot water and blend with a Bamboo whisk.
100% Matcha Tea from japanese eco agriculture.
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