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A-Z 50+ Capsules
A-Z 50+ Capsules
With 24 vitamins and minerals, specially formulated for people over 50 years old. A-Z 50+ capsules help supplement the diet.
150 Cápsulas 9,80 €
Audiofit capsules
Audiofit capsules
A complex of ingredients specially designed for the maintenance of normal functions of the nervous system, including the hearing system.
120 Cápsulas 15,50 €
Calcium-Magnesium   400 Tablets
Calcium-Magnesium 400 Tablets
Magnesium and calcium are essential minerals for many functions and metabolic processes of the human body and are especially valuable for the heart, m…
400 Pastillas 9,95 €
Cinnamon Capsules with chrome and zinc
Cinnamon Capsules with chrome and zinc
Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices that, together with zinc and chromium, form an ideal combination.
180 Cápsulas 11,75 €
Garlic Oil with Olive leaf and Hawthorn   300 Capsules
Garlic Oil with Olive leaf and Hawthorn 300 Capsules
With garlic, olive leaves and hawthorn. The perfect combination to take advantage of the benefits of these plants.
300 Cápsulas 10,50 €
Resveratrol capsules
Resveratrol capsules
The natural substance Resveratrol is a phytonutrient with antioxidant effect that protects the plant from external aggressions.
90 Cápsulas 28,50 €
Vitamin C & Zinc Retard
Vitamin C & Zinc Retard
Besides vitamin C, zinc is especially important for the support of the body's defences. Vitamina C + Zinc was developed into a special capsule for a s…
180 Cápsulas 8,90 €
Zinc Yeast   210 Tablets
Zinc Yeast 210 Tablets
High-quality food supplement with the vital and essential trace element zinc. Zinc is involved in many metabolic processes.
210 Pastillas 9,50 €
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