Sleep & Nerves

Calm and sleep Relax Restlessness
Lack of energy Stress Tiredness

L-Triptophan Capsules
L-Triptophan Capsules
Tryptophan with vitamins, iron and magnesium that positively influence vital states such as sleep, mood and well-being.
90 Capsules 11,85€
Magnesium  250 Tablets
Magnesium 250 Tablets
Magnesium belongs to the vital nutrients, which the human needs to stay healthy. Magnesium is to be found above all in the bones, the muscle cells and…
250 Pastillas 5,65€
Melatonina Capsulas
Melatonina Capsulas
Melatonin helps to reduce the time needed to fall asleep favoring a lasting rest.
120 Capsules 14,95€
St. Johns wort Oil Capsules w.Lecithin   90 Capsules
St. Johns wort Oil Capsules w.Lecithin 90 Capsules
St. John's wort oil (Hypericum) is a traditionally known natural remedy to balance and relax our mood especially during periods of stress and emotiona…
90 Cápsulas 9,95€
Rhodiola  120 Capsules
Rhodiola 120 Capsules
Rhodiola rosea has been used in Russia and Scandinavia for centuries to gain strength and mental agility.
120 Capsules 16,90€
Calmasan - with valerian and hops   200 Capsules
Calmasan - with valerian and hops 200 Capsules
Valerian and hops have been known for centuries as plants to encourage rest.
200 Cápsulas 12,75€
Lecithin   360 Tablets
Lecithin 360 Tablets
Soya lecithin is particularly rich in high-quality phospholipids - contained in each body cell!
360 Pastillas 11,00€
Ginger bonbons 250 gr
Ginger bonbons 250 gr
For centuries, ginger root has been prized for its taste and its properties on the stomach and intestines.
250 g 4,95€
Guarana 250 Tablets
Guarana 250 Tablets
Compared to coffee, the effects of guarana are milder and more moderate and can last for several hours.
250 Pastillas 12,95€
Tranquilizing Tea   75 gr
Tranquilizing Tea 75 gr
Mix of plants specially designed to rest.
75 g 3,95€
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