Body care

Aloe-Vera Jelly  (50%) 250 ml
Aloe-Vera Jelly (50%) 250 ml
Aloe vera gel with a 50% concentration of aloe vera juice from the original plant. Especially suitable for dry skin and after sunbathing.
250 ml 7,50 €
Aloe-Vera-Intensive Jelly (99.6%)  250 ml
Aloe-Vera-Intensive Jelly (99.6%) 250 ml
Aloe Vera Intensive Gel is obtained from the juice of the original plant Aloe vera Barbadensis Miller in a concentration of 99.6%.
250 ml 13,60 €
Callus Balm
Callus Balm
Reduces calluses and their formation.
100 ml 7,65 €
Eskimo Cream   100 ml
Eskimo Cream 100 ml
Gives your hands protection, care and moisture also under difficult conditions like coldness or other unfavourable environmental influences. Contains …
100 ml 6,20 €
Gel in case of skin scars
Gel in case of skin scars
Gel especially for areas of scarred skin, to facilitate normalization of the skin and to soften the scars.
25 ml 5,25 €
Herbal Feet cream
Herbal Feet cream
Herbal foot cream prevents excessive sweating and odor. Its herbal composition stimulates circulation.
50 ml 4,95 €
Horse balm
Horse balm
Soothes, refreshes and tones the skin with menthol, camphor, extracts and natural herbal oils.
200 ml 5,95 €
Incense Cream   100 ml
Incense Cream 100 ml
Incense cream that softens and protects the skin. It helps to the well-being in front of the rheumatic affections.
100 ml 13,90 €
Marigold Cream   100 ml
Marigold Cream 100 ml
Marigold cream contains skin-related emulsifiers, marigold extract, carrot oil and avocado oil. Marigold should not be missing in any home medicine ca…
100 ml 5,45 €
Milk Fat with Marigold   500 ml
Milk Fat with Marigold 500 ml
Traditionally this grease is used to protect the hands of the Swiss farmers. Suitable for very dry skins, especially those areas that can dry out and …
500 ml 6,65 €
Noni Cream   100 ml
Noni Cream 100 ml
This extraordinary cream Creme with 10% of natural and pure noni juice of the fruit of the Indian mulberry tree (Morinda citrifolia) supplies your ski…
100 ml 11,00 €
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