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Hialuronic acid facial balm
Hialuronic acid facial balm
Hyaluronic acid Nourishment Fluid for facial skin care as well as neck and décolleté. Contains hyaluronic acid, shea butter, almond oil and jojoba o…
50 ml 17,50€
Anti-Wrinkle Mink Oil Cream   100 ml
Anti-Wrinkle Mink Oil Cream 100 ml
Anti-wrinkle cream day and night for dry and mature skin with active substances of the highest quality.
100 ml 14,95€
Hyaluronic acid cream
Hyaluronic acid cream
The ideal treatment for rehydration of the epidermis. It favors the reduction of wrinkles and gives a fuller, elastic and youthful skin.
100 ml 21,60€
Round-the-Eye Balm   15 ml
Round-the-Eye Balm 15 ml
Balsam for the eye contour specially formulated to nourish and protect the skin and prevent the formation of small wrinkles.
15 ml 6,85€
Aloe Vera Round the eye balm
Aloe Vera Round the eye balm
Aloe vera gel for the eye contour relieves and refreshes the skin, reduces swelling and small wrinkles.
25 ml 6,65€
Anti-Aging SB500 Cream   100 ml
Anti-Aging SB500 Cream 100 ml
High quality anti-aging cream that protects your skin from premature aging by providing a smoother and smoother complexion.
100 ml 24,95€
Round the Eye Serum   50 ml
Round the Eye Serum 50 ml
Mild intensive caring serum with silk proteins for the sensitive, wrinkle delicate skin around the eyes.
50 ml 12,90€
Pomgranade facial cream
Pomgranade facial cream
The moisturizing oil of pomegranate seeds helps dry and cracked skin regain its splendor.
100 ml 11,00€
Minesan Alkaline facial cream
Minesan Alkaline facial cream
Soothing, basal face cream for sensitive skin prone to allergies and dryness.
100 ml 7,95€
Bleaching Cream 50 ml
Bleaching Cream 50 ml
Protective cream to prevent stains, freckles and other pigmentations. Especially recommendable for the face and the back of your hands.
50 ml 8,25€
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