Vitamin E Capsules

Vitamin E Capsules
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Each capsule with 200 I.U. (=134mg) of vegetable vitamin E. Some time or other it hits everybody. One sees it when he looks into the mirror, the other one feels it in the limbs: as the years go by, life leaves its mark. Not always is the aging process recognisable. In the inside of your body it often runs in a sneaking way. Who prevents, however, is able to clearly reduce the risk of early symptoms of old age. In plain English: stop smoking, get exercise, reduce overweight and keep an eye on a healthy alimentation. Especially important with it is the supply with vitamin E. Vitamin E has a similar effect in the body as it has in nature. So plants form the vitamin in order to protect for example fats in kernels from getting rancid - oxidation. This anti-oxidative ability is also developed in the vessels by vitamin E. It catches the so-called "free radicals" - aggressive, chemical substances which have quite the same effect as a corrosion remedy - and make them harmless. Different from the plant, the human being cannot produce vitamin E by himself. He is dependent on the ingestion through food. Above all, vegetable fats such as sun flower oils and wheat germ oils are rich in this vitamin. A healthy alimentation is therefore the basis for a stable vitamin balance. Not everybody, however, is sufficiently provided with vitamin E. Above all, persons, who eat low-fat food do often not reach the recommended vitamin - E - ingestion. Moreover, stress and environmental damages increase the need for this vitamin. Here our Vitamin - E - capsules are just the right thing, which counteract this deficiency. A sufficient supply of vitamin E is therefore of great importance for the health and the well-being. But there are different kinds of vitamin E. The vitamin E most easily absorber by the organism is the natural RRR-alpha-tocopherol. Therefore our Vitamin - E - capsules contain RRR-alpha-tocopherol, the natural and biologically most active form of vitamin E. Vitamin E also plays an important role with the maintenance of a beautiful and healthy skin, why lots of our customers cut the Vitamin - E - capsules open and put the oil directly on their skin. Vitamin E can intercept free radicals which for example are produced through UV radiation. Therefore it is prevented that these particles destroy fat structures (lipids) of the cells - that means to oxidise. Vitamin E also leads to an improvement of the so-called skin surface relief through a strengthened moisturising capacity ?!. The consequence: the skin remains smoother. In a word: vitamin E makes an important contribution for the fighting of free radicals, for the cell and vessel protection and for the increase of the productivity. Fields of application: For the increase in performance.
Ingredients per capsule:
134 mg RRR-alpha-tocopherol (natural vitamin E), cover (gelatin, glycerin)
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