Royal Jelly Capsules with Vitamins 120 Capsules

Royal Jelly Capsules with Vitamins   120 Capsules
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Complete daily nourishment with royal jelly as well as with the vitamins E, B1, B2, B6, B12, nicotinic acid amide, pantothen acid, folic acid and biotin. The nearly inconceivable performance of a queen bee will be more comprehensible if you know the composition of its food - royal jelly. We have combined this unique, complex energy and active substance concentrate with an appropriate selection of valuable vitamins which your body needs for the sustainment of its defences and its natural vitality. Already one capsule covers the 1-3-fold of the daily allowance of the contained vitamins for an adult. Each capsule contains 170mg of frozen-dried royal jelly (corresponds to 500mg of natural royal jelly).

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