Iron Capsules 120 Capsules

Iron Capsules   120 Capsules
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Dietetic food with a lack of iron as well as with an increased need for iron. Iron is vital for many functions of the body. But our today's different habits of cooking and alimentation often result in a lack of iron. The world health authority ?! has found out that a lack of iron is the most frequent deficiency disease. The Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung (German Nutrition Society) found out that German women ingest on average almost 12% less iron. With adolescent 13 to 14 years old the lack of iron even amounts to about 30%. A lack of iron is especially obvious with women which have to accept noticeable losses of blood through menstruation and with it also losses of iron. Lethargy, weakness and weariness are often the consequence. Mostly also a reduction of the red blood cells underlies and with it a lack of oxygen in the organism. But a lack of iron is in many cases also noticed with children. They seem to be pale, nervous and unconcentrated. Lack of appetite, reluctance and school tiredness come up. Eisen-Kapseln (Iron capsules) are a dietetic food for the special alimentation with a lack of iron, as it can occur with fortified menstruation, reduced absorption of iron (eg after a removal of stomach or intestine parts), increased need for iron (eg in pregnancy and lactation) or after operations. Each capsule contain 173mg of iron-(II)-gluconat, corresponding to 20mg of bivalent iron.

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