Vitamin B Complex 150 Capsules

Vitamin B Complex    150 Capsules
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150 Cápsulas
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For the human body the B-vitamins, which are summarised in the so-called vitamin-B-complex are of a special importance. Vitamins of the B-complex are important for the nerves and the brain, the metabolism, the mucous membranes and the skin. The B-vitamins form a matching group, which fulfils important tasks in the whole metabolism. That is why always the whole complex should be taken as food supplement. Each capsule contains: nicotinamide 54.0mg, D-pantothenacid 18.0mg, vitamin B6 5.4mg, vitamin B1 3.9mg, vitamin B2 5.1mg, folic acid 450.0µg, vitamin B12 9.0µg.

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