Calcium Lithothamnium Capsules

Calcium Lithothamnium Capsules
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Food-supplement with the important mineral nutritient Calcium obtained from a purely natural source.

Lithothamnium calcareum is the melodious name of an unique seaweed from the family of the red algae, that occur among others at the coast of the Glénan Islands in western Brittany. What’s so special about this algae is its ability, to collect and to bind at itself other in the sea naturally occurring minerals. In the course of time the Lithothamnium algae takes on a light red till white, coral-like look.

Among other things, calcium has an essential share in the formation of the inorganic substance of the bones and teeth. Calcium is also an important nutrient for skin, hair and nails. Furthermore, Calcium plays an essential role in the blood coagulation, the activation of enzymes and the stabilization of cell-membranes.

The Lithothamnium powder we use is called „Fine Fleur“, because it’s very fine quality.

Each capsule contains 610 mg Lithothamnium calcareum powder.

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