Himalaya Cristal Salt 1Kg

Himalaya Cristal Salt   1Kg
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Natural crystal salt is obtained from a unique energetic source in the Karakorum mountain range in the Himalayas. Kitchen salt normally sold in the supermarket is made up from natrium and chloride, supplemented by additives to improve the way it pours. In contrast, crystal salt does not consist of a mere two elements, but is made up of 84 natural elements. These are precisely those very elements making up our body and from which life in the primeval seas began. When taken with food, use the crystal salt as if it were kitchen salt; this may mean grinding the salt finely using an ordinary salt grinder. When taken as a fluid, a bottle which can be stoppered is loosely filled with Himalaya crystal salt and then spring water or good drinking water is added till the bottle is full. After about an hour the bottle will contain a 26% saturated solution ready for use. The 26% solution remains stable because the water cannot take up any more salt. Water can continue to be added till all the crystals have dissolved. The solution can be taken along when travelling and will remain good for several weeks. It is best to add one full tea spoon to a quarter litre of water, the mixture to be drunk before breakfast. The solution can also be used without dilution when brushing teeth and will strengthen the gums. Used as a bath salt, 1 kg crystal salt should be added to a small amount of water and left for about an hour, after which the bath is filled with warm water. One hundred litres in the bath will then form a 1% solution. Stay no more than a quarter of an hour in the bath, after which the skin should not be towelled dry but left to dry in the open air.
Country of Origin:
Pakistan / Salt Range
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