A-Z with 24 vitamins & minerals

A-Z with 24 vitamins & minerals
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25 energy-giving substances once a day! A sufficient supply with nutrients is an important pre-condition for our well-being and our productivity. Already one A-Z capsule per day provides a substantial contribution for the covering of an adult's need for vitamins, mineral nutrients and trace elements. Each capsule contains 0.80mg of vitamin A, 1.40mg of vitamin B1, 1.60mg of vitamin B2, 2.00mg of vitamin B6, 1.00µg of vitamin B12, 60.00mg of vitamin C, 5.00µg of vitamin D, 10.00mg of vitamin E, 30.00µg of vitamin K1, 0.20mg of folic acid, 6.00mg of pantothen acid, 18.00mg of niacin, 0.15mg of biotin, 75.00mg of magnesium, 2.79mg of iron, 40.00mg of potassium, 0.10mg of iodine, 36.30mg of chloride, 1.00mg of copper, 25.00µg of chrome, 25.00µg of molybdenum, 25.00µg of selenium, 5.00mg of zinc, 41.00mg of calcium, 96.00mg of phosphorus (= phosphate).

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