Premium Gold! Eye care lotion

Premium Gold! Eye care lotion
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The thin, delicate skin around the eyes requires special care.

Premium Gold! Eye Care leaves the eye contour area soft and supple, provides immediate well-being and a smooth effect of freshness.

It uniquely combines exquisite natural skin care ingredients such as shea butter, Apricot kernel oil and blueberry extract, an anti-aging complex that nature has to offer. These ingredients harmonize perfect with hyaluronic acid that bolsters up and smoothes your skin at the same time, the silk protein sericin and finest 24-karat gold powder.

The immediate effect on first application: The eye area is visibly revitalized. Dark circles and swollen bags under the eyes are reduced. Sensitive skin is soothed and revitalised. Lines and wrinkles are reduced and the skin is firmed, leaves the eye-contour area smooth and supple. Your eyes appear brighter and more rested. It helps to restore firmness and elasticity. Your eyes appear more rested, freshed, revitalized. For a perfect look treat yourself to this unique luxurious body lotion.

What surprises many: Already in ancient times gold was the noblest of all metals and as a cosmetic ingredient very much appreciated. For the Egyptians, for example, gold stood for the power of the sun. Therfore they sprinkled face and chest with gold powder. In fact gold has an amazing rejuvenating effect on the skin: Fine gold dust reflects light, wrinkles are invisible to the eyes, gives the complexion a glamorous shimmer and the skin's natural radiance is emphasized wonderfully.

Our newly developed cosmetic series "Sanct Bernhard Premium Gold!" combines precious natural care ingredients with finest 24-karat gold powder. What you can expect: An extra portion of luxury, which cares for your skin an a unique way. The exclusive ingredients make your skin look fresh, smooth and younger and rejuvenated. Enjoy the feeling of treating yourself with the very best.

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