Premium Gold! Day cream

Premium Gold! Day cream
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Premium Gold! Day Care - A masterpiece of effectiveness! It uniquely combines exquisite natural skin care ingredients such as shea butter, kukui nut oil and rose hip seed oil with bioactive blueberry extract, an anti-aging complex that nature has to offer. The creamy, rich, well-absorbing formula wraps the skin in a veil of complete well-being, without burdening it. The silk protein sericin regulates the natural moisture balance of the skin and gives it a silky tone, leaving a tender, smooth skin feeling. Finest 24-carat gold powder reflects the light and leaves a lovely sheen on the skin. The immediate effect: your skin is cared for intensively and supplied with moisture. Wrinkles are reduced and skin functions are stimulated lastingly. Your skin will again appear more smooth and vibrant.

What surprises many: Already in ancient times gold was the noblest of all metals and as a cosmetic ingredient very much appreciated. For the Egyptians, for example, gold stood for the power of the sun. Therfore they sprinkled face and chest with gold powder.

In fact gold has an amazing rejuvenating effect on the skin: Fine gold dust reflects light, wrinkles are invisible to the eyes, gives the complexion a glamorous shimmer and the skin's natural radiance is emphasized wonderfully.

Our newly developed cosmetic series "Sanct Bernhard Premium Gold!" combines precious natural care ingredients with finest 24-karat gold powder.

What you can expect: An extra portion of luxury, which cares for your skin an a unique way. The exclusive ingredients make your skin look fresh, smooth and younger and rejuvenated. Enjoy the feeling of treating yourself with the very best.

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