Aktiv3 Creatine - Magnesium

Aktiv3 Creatine - Magnesium
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Creatine is an natural substance which is important for the energy supply of our muscle cells.

Especially athletes and physically active persons need a sufficient creatine supply. As an energy source, creatine is stored primarily in the skeletal muscle cells and in the form of creatine phosphate. This energy is then available for the body's cells for their various tasks, such as the contraction of skeletal and cardiac muscles.

As a food supplement, creatine is especially recommended in case of a higher natural demand due to sportive activity.

The combination with magnesium is sensible, as magnesium improves the exercise tolerance of the muscles, even after the avtivity and at night - your muscles can better recuperate and muscle pains are more easily avoided. Each capsule contains 400mg pure creatine of highest quality and 25mg of pure magnesium.

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