EPA Epafit - 90 Capsules

EPA Epafit  - 90 Capsules
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For the diabetic treatment of inflammation rheumatism. If you suffer from joint complaints such as arthralgia, joint swelling and joint stiffness in the morning, we recommend you a conversion of your alimentation which is suitable for rheumatism (eg through a reduction of food with animal origin) connected with an additional taking of the high-dosed Omega-3-fatty acid EPA (Eicosapentaen acid). EPA is a natural "anti-inflammatory inhibitor" and drives the inflammation-stimulating arachidonic acid out of the tissue. Our new developed Epafit-capsules contain 650mg of fish oil concentrate with at least 65% of high-concentrated Omega-3-fatty acids. Therefrom at least 325mg per capsule is allotted to EPA. In addition, each Epafit-capsule contains 15mg (22 I.E.) of natural vitamin E, because the need for vitamin E is increased with inflammatory-rheumatic processes in your body. For the replenishment of a rheumatic diet we recommend to take 3 Epafit-capsules per day in the first 4 weeks, and afterwards 2 capsules per day. Already after a 4 to 6 weeks taking of Epafit with a simultaneous conversion of your alimentation to a low-meat food which is suitable for rheumatism, in many cases you can notice an improvement of the joint stiffness in the morning and of the flexibility as well as a reduction of arthralgia. Each capsule contains a minimun of 325mg EPA and 70mg DHA.

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