Co-enzyme Q10 50mg Capsules

Co-enzyme Q10 50mg Capsules
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With 50mg of natural coenzyme Q10 per capsule.

We use only pure, 100% natural coenzyme Q10 obtained by yeast fermentation, of the highest quality (Kaneka), which is absolutly identical to the coenzyme Q10 produced by the human organism.

Coenzyme Q10 is one of the most important discoveries of the nutritional science in the last 30 years. In all alive organisms whether if plant, animal or human, enzymes are important biological catalysts which enable the course of reactions and processes of life in all cells. Almost all biochemical reactions in our organism, so the entire metabolism, work with the over 3,000 today known enzymes. For the development of their entire effectiveness, enzymes need the so-called co-enzymes - elements which are chemically often related to the vitamins. Q10 - an especially important co-enzyme. Among the co-enzymes of the Q-range, the coenzyme Q10 is probably the most important one for the human cell metabolism. An energy production and transformation in our somatic cells is unimaginable without the coenzyme Q10.

Q10 helps that nutrients which we supply to our body through the food chain - so with the daily food - get burned in the cells, that means they will get converted into vital energy for the somatic cells and so for all processes of life. Q10 - valuable food component. Up to the middle of life the human body is able to produce the coenzyme Q10 itself out of elements which are absorbed through food and to supply it to the cells. The additional consumption of coenzyme Q10 is especially recommendable with one-sided alimentation and at age because then the body is often no longer able to produce enough endogenic Q10.

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