Nard Oil Capsules 180 Capsules

Nard Oil Capsules   180 Capsules
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180 Cápsulas
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Black cumin oil contains a high portion of biologically active, polyunsaturated fatty acids for a healthy metabolism. Black cumin oil is produced out of the seed of Nigella sativa. Through a gentle cold pressing and a following filtration you obtain a fatty, green-brown, clear oil with an aromatic smell and a light hot taste. It contains ca. 70% unsaturated fatty acids, valuable fat accompanying substances like sterines and vitamin E as well as ca. 1% of ethereal oil. Thereby it belongs to the high-quality food supplements. Besides the scavenger vitamin E the capsules contain pantothen acid and folic acid which play an important role in the whole metabolism. Biotin which is important for your skin and your hair rounds the combination off and supports the health-promoting effect. Each capsule contains 500mg of pure, Egyptian black cumin oil, 10 I.U. of natural vitamin E, 6mg of pantothen acid, 300µg of folic acid and 100µg of biotin.

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