Hairfit capsules for strong hair 120 Capsules

Hairfit capsules  for strong hair 120 Capsules
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For beautiful, healthy and strong hair it is necessary to have a sufficient and regular supply with the therefor important vitamins and nutrients. However this supply is not always guaranteed with today's way of alimentation. Through a lack of nutrients the growth of hair and nails cannot always be supported in the best possible way. Hair fit capsules contain what structure-damaged hair needs: gold millet extract with valuable silicic acid and trace elements is growth-promoting, provides strength and is important for the build-up and the maintenance of a strong hair structure, increases hair stability and enhances shine and your hair looks thick and strong. Also your nails get stronger, do no longer break and grow faster back because due to their horny composition your hair and nails need nearly the same growth substances. Since your hair and nails grow very slowly, the hair fit capsules should be taken a considerable long time this means several months.

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