Propolis Queen Cream 100 ml

Propolis Queen Cream   100 ml
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100 ml
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This cream is unique through its variety of natural active substances! Produced on a eudermic basis, the Königinnen-Propolis-Creme contains vegetable cereal germs extract, propolis concentrate, vitamin E, carrot oil, natural moisturising factors, Royal Jelly pure, aloe-vera gel as well as oils which are related to biological skin fats. Our Königinnen-Propolis-Creme is a reasonable composition of valuable, high-effective natural products, which have themselves already proven a 100,000 times in different preparations. Königinnen-Propolis-Creme is optimally suited for all skin types. For the preventative care, as moisture giver, caring, protective, fortifying, supporting for the build-up of the skin structure, serves the rebuilding of strained skin. Propolis has a bactericidal, fungicidal and virostatical effect, supports the healing process, regulates the skin flora. Also very important is the good skin circulation and the preventative care with aging, mature skin in the face, on the neck, on the cleavage an of course on the back of the hand. Königinnen-Propolis-Creme improves the resistance of the skin against the harmful environmental influences, which get always more and more stronger, and it prevents early wrinkling. The cream is also recommendable as care for thin and moisture poor skin, which tends to red or blue small veins on the cheeks. For this skin needs special, moisture regulating cosmetics. The treatment of your skin with Königinnen-Propolis-Creme should be effected over a longer period of time. The cream is optimally suited as day and night cream. We guarantee you: You will be delighted of this high-effective cream, which is also nice to your skin. As this cream should be used very sparingly because of its high content of active substances, one original box is at least enough for 3 months. Also assure yourself - you will be delighted!

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