Jointfit - Arnica Jelly 150 ml

Jointfit - Arnica Jelly   150 ml
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Arthrosis has become one of the most frequent illnesses of the joints. It affects not only the elderly, but also young people. This degenerative joint disease is mainly connected to cartilage and bone deterioration. Every other German suffers from the degenerative change of the joints and spinal column. There are many different factors or reasons which are involved in the cause of these painful widespread illnesses. The natural aging process entails a totally normal cartilage wear-out - especially of women from an age of 40 years and onwards. Also overweight, one-sided strain, accidents, circulatory problems and physical malposition can cause a degenerative change to the joints. Gelenkfit arnika-Gel is a deeply effective remedy that helps relieve rheumatic muscle and joint complaints as well as contusions. It improves moving capacity and joint mobility. Fields of application: for external use (as overlay/compress and as an ointment) - in the case of rheumatic muscle and joint complaints - on injuries caused by falls, e.g., haematomas, sprains, pulled muscles, contusions, fracture oedemas (swelling of the tissue as a result of an accumulation of watery liquids in the tissue gaps) For further information on benefits, risks and side effects please consult your physician or pharmacist!

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