Deo-Breath capsules 200 Capsules

Deo-Breath capsules   200 Capsules
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Parsley oil, fresh peppermint oil, menthol and Clorophyl not only reduce bad breath and body odor, but suppress its production.

In most cases this bad breath caused by sulfur compounds in the mouth that are produced by certain anaerobic bacteria inhabiting the oral surface. Anaerobic bacteria do not use oxygen for their survival and therefore are an ideal environment on the mouthparts little oxygen. The sulfur compounds are products of protein breakdown process initiated by these bacteria. The sulfur compounds evaporate quickly in the mouth and cause bad breath gases.

No one knows exactly why some people have more than others of these bacteria in their body. Possible causes include the use of medications that may cause a bacterial (antibiotics) imbalance, genetic factors or hormonal reasons.

fresh oil pills parsley seeds The parsley oil, fresh mint oil, menthol and Clorophyl can reduce the amount of anaerobic bacteria present in the mouth, especially in remote areas and below the tongue and between teeth and gums, reducing the causes of bad breath in a natural way.

Each capsule contains:
Parsley oil, peppermint oil, menthol, Clorophyl, saffron oil, gelatin and glycerol.
Directions for use:
Dissolve in the mouth 1-2 capsules immediately after eating or swallowed with fluid. The capsules can also be taken in between as breath care.

Gelatine, safflower oil, humectant glycerol, parsley oil, peppermint oil, menthol, chlorophyll.
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